this is the party

This is where it's all at, guys. My new blog. Now that it's here, I'm not quite sure what to do with it. I mean, do I start posting every single edit that I've ever created?

Okay, I've made up my mind in the space between this paragraph and the last. I'll introduce myself. And then my header model, who is brand new and needs an introduction to the world.

Hai, this is Miss Harlequin here (which I assume that you already knew since this is my blog). There's an About section which gives you a quick briefing of About Me.

On a more personal note, I'm currently wearing my new pajama pants which have little peacocks on them. I really love peacocks. It was strange, because I saw the pajama window display, and as I was walking over to it I was thinking, "You know what would be really cool? Peacock pajamas." And then 2 minutes later, I realized that one of the pants had little peacocks on them.

I think I'm kind of psychic or something. I have many similar stories.

Like the time I was walking home from school thinking about mermaids and all the different parts of my childhood which nurtured my love for mermaids, and when I reached the door step, the pool salt was there (which the pool guy delivered - we don't leave pool salt on our doorstep) and the brand was 'Mermaid'.

Persephone is a new model who I created for The Gentleman's Club. She's as pretty as a picture, definitely my prettiest Sims 3 model, which makes sense given she's a goddess.

I didn't get to fully give her back story in her application since I was mainly focusing on introducing her as a character. Basically what has happened is that over time all pagan gods have been losing their power due to lack of belief, sacrifices, etc. Hades has grown so weak as to not have the power to keep his wife in the, now deserted, underworld any longer. Not that I think Seph is abandoning Hades because she hates or resents him since later myths do suggest she did live up to her title of Queen of the Underworld. Anywhoos, Persephone leaves the underworld to experience life as a 'human'. She's still immortal and she still has powers, they're just not as...much.

Andandand, I just want to take this moment to point out that I know that the Persephone myth is very popular. I promise that I'm not someone who has just read a version of the story online and ran with it. I love learning about different versions of the story, different details, origins, perspectives. I have literally put hours upon weeks of research into this myth. Not because I'm particularly thorough though. I'm just a bit obsessed, haha. Also I'm getting an A in Ancient History which says so much.