the light is going out

I have some...stuff going on at the moment. To be truthful, I'm probably in one of the worst periods of my life, and I'm not saying that to be dramatic or anything, but I need people to understand that I'm not just deciding that I'm too busy and dropping everything to live a happy, dandy life.

So, the point is I dropped my competitions, I'm getting out of all of my online commitments because I cannot handle anyone putting pressure on me at the moment.

I'm not leaving though. Oh no. I am going to live a life of blissful self-mediated simming. I want to start a berry legacy when Generations comes out, and photoshop pics of my heirs and stuff. I'm already working on the neighbourhood. Here is a picture of the bedroom of the house I'm decorating at the moment (it's the only finished room so far):

I'm going to take my time, do some yoga, not rush. Do something without the pressure to win or please people, but because I love it and because it's a new world.

I don't know how well I'm explaining this, but I hope it makes sense. I might go back to modelling next year or when things aren't so tense.

Love! <3


high flying adored

This will not go at the top of my list of 'edits I'm satisfied with'. It bothers me how careless I am and I'm scared of having reached the stage of not being able to improve. I can't wait to do my entry for The Gentlemen's Club. I hope to push my boundaries and really challenge myself.

At the same time, it's really sad that Little Black Bra had to finish prematurely. It was lots of fun and the people where really great (although most of them dropped out - why do people do that?).

I ended up practically redrawing the underwear. It was originally dark blue with white polka dots because I was going to do a sailor picture, but changed my mind. Also all clothes seem to mesh themselves to the sim's skin which looks really strange, so I got rid of that too. I like how the hair came out. It's taking less and less time to draw the more I practise.

I got my learner's license the other day, yay! I should have gotten it a year ago, but I'm lazy. I've gone driving twice and have had 1 minor accident (I expected the steering wheel to be a lot more sensitive...) on my first go. I'm hoping that I can go out some more this week.

My current song obsession: