If you are not yet aware of my baby, Portvale, go over and check it out Right. Now. If you are, you will also be aware of how addictive it has become. Anyway, since I'm such a terrible blogger and have not yet done a post about Portvale, I shall do so now.

Back in February, right after Jillie and I had become friends, I sent her a PM on her forum, ACE, with an incredibly brief outline of this town that had been built upon witchcraft, but was better known for its nightlife, that sounded like it would make a good RP location for the Sims 3. This PM was the beginning of Portvale, an RP forum which Jillie and I finally opened at the start of October, in time for Halloween.

Portvale is located in Conneticut, in between Salem, Massachusetts and New York, New York. It's surrounded by mountains, and has a river running through the middle of it, down to the sea. On one side of the river is the suburbs, the park, the school, the forest, and on the other side is the mall, nightclubs, etc.

It's been a success so far, which is fantastic. All of the different storylines and plots and characters are so much fun, and it's wonderful to see them all weaving together. Hopefully it'll continue to grow as more people discover it.

My only character so far is Natasha Bedford, a sim I created, then new instantly that I had to do something with her. Portvale was perfect, since I had her entire basic personality in my head when making her. Obviously parts have been modified, tweaked and developed for Portvale, but she's completely wonderful to play. I'm waiting until I have an instant love for another sim (a male one, this time), before creating a new Portvale character.

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  1. Oh shoot I thought it was near Salem Oregon :p

    Well at least it makes more sense now because Lynx's mom was supposed to be from Connecticut. Nice map btw its always nice to have an idea of where things are.